TGRN, a Modern Roots, Digital Radio Station

TGRN champions Independent Artists while paying respect to the pioneers who shaped Modern Roots Music. With decades of relationships with Independent Music Artists who have played for the door, to winning Grammys, Record Labels, Publicist to Festivals, Music Venues, and Music Societies & Associations, we are an active participant in the Music Ecosystem. TGRN provides an important role in connecting Artists, Listeners, Businesses, and Brands across North America and Globally.

TGRN Music Mix

TGRN is beginning to roll out dedicated channels featuring Modern Roots Music. Starting with TGRN BLUES, a 24×7, digital radio channel featuring 15 on air personalities who love the Blues. TGRN BLUES is made up of multi-award-winning DJs/Personalities, musicians, and music professionals who are active, music community members engaged in supporting regional Blues Societies and Associations across America, along with festivals and Blues based events. Radio Personalities include The Real Lady A, Ray Brown, Angela Easley, Holly Harris, Jeff Hayes, “Big Daddy” Ray Hansen, Amber Hill, “Memphis” Mark Sonnemann, Vinny Marini, Gina Coleman, Chuck Finley, Pat Quinn and Jonathan “Oogie” Richards. We are the digital radio highway that connects the back roads and highways to your favorite roadhouse and juke joint. TGRN provides original, exclusive programming, and interviews that are produced and hosted by our own team of Personalities.

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